Shipping policy

Hey, Bold By Design fans across the globe! 🌍 When you order one of our unique, cheeky graphic pieces, we're all about speed. In the US, you're likely to get your stylish order in about 7 days. But remember, during those fashionably busy times, it might take up to 14 days. It's just a bit more anticipation for your trendy reveal!


For our international style enthusiasts, we aim for a 14-day delivery too. But, let's be real – international shipping sometimes has its own mind, so it could take a little longer. We appreciate your patience as your order makes its global journey!


We've even got a network of global production partners to speed things up. This means your order could be made closer to you, cutting down on travel time.


Bold By Design Shipping Policy


🚚 Flat Fee & Worldwide Shipping: Our shipping policy is straightforward and budget-friendly. For all t-shirts, no matter where in the world, enjoy a flat shipping fee of just $5 USD. However, for hoodies, the shipping fee is $9.99 USD globally, with an exception for the USA, where it's only $5 USD. Plus, as a special offer, all t-shirt deliveries to the USA are completely free of charge!


💸 Taxes and Duties: International folks, you might face some taxes or duties. Just a heads-up to check your local customs policies.


⏱ Processing Time: We hustle to process orders within 3 to 7 days. However we aim to get items out as soon as possible ideally by 2 days.


🌐 Carriers & International Shipping: We use various carriers, with USPS for our US customers. We ship to most places, excluding Guadeloupe, North Korea, Russia, and Ukraine. In Canada, delivery times are around 10 to 15 business days, and internationally, most orders are received within 10 to 30 days, but we aim for 7 to 14 days wherever possible.


📦 Tracking Your Order: A link will be provided in your confirmation email to easily check the status of your order at any time. If your order status shows "Delivered" and you did not receive the item, please follow up with the carrier listed on your order status page.


📬 Refused or Returned to Sender Orders: Orders that are 'Refused' or 'Returned to Sender' due to incorrect address information will be processed as a return, and are not re-shipped. These types of returned orders are eligible for a refund for the cost of goods (shipping is not refundable).


🌿 Sustainable Production: No exchanges or refunds, folks. We produce per order to keep things green and clean!


💬 Contact Us: If there's trouble, reach out. We're here to help sort any shipping issues quickly, including lost or damaged items during shipping. Feel free to click here to send us a message on the website contact form or email us at


So, get ready to make waves with your Bold By Design purchase. It's en route, ready to add that extra flair to your life! And remember, for all the fine print, our shipping policy has got you covered.